Step 1 - Registration

Register on Wincompanion

Step 2 - Perch Fee Payment

Young Bird Perch Fee

  • $145/bird
  • $750/6 birds

Old Bird Perch Fee

  • $175/bird
  • $900/6 birds

Payment options include:

(Breeder gives up all rights of bird if perch fee has not been paid. Perch fee is nonrefundable.)

Step 3 - Shipping Instructions

All birds MUST HAVE a PMV vaccine 14-21 days prior to arrival to the Master Breeders Marathon loft.

Ship birds Monday through Wednesday only.

MARION, KS 66861

Include completed Bird Submittal Form and W-9

Step 4 - Race Activation Fees Payment

Young Bird Races

  • 4-Race Series Activation Fee = $345/bird
  • Optional Prestigious 450-mile Race Activation Fee = $100/bird

Old Bird Races

  • 7-Race Series Activation Fee = $345/bird
  • Optional Prestigious 600-mile Race Activation Fee = $100/bird

(Race series activation fees are due prior to 100-mile activation races. Prestigious race activation fees are due 1 day prior to race.)

Payment options include:

  • Online Payment Page (Includes convenience fee for processing)
  • Check included with pigeons, made payable to: MASTER BREEDERS MARATHON