Wayne and Amy Tajchman

Young Origins

Our world-class pigeon race operates from the heart of the Flint Hills in Marion County, Kansas. The loft, covering 5 acres of our 80-acre family farm, is where it all happens. My interest in pigeons was first sparked by the movie, “Where Pigeons Go to Die”, starring Michael Landon. During my teenage years, I raced with the Wichita Homing Pigeon Club, a thriving community boasting close to 80 lofts. I was fortunate to learn from great mentors such as William (Bill) Bonwell, Keith Littlejohn, Darrell Bybee, Henry Jones, and Howard Roads, all of whom have since passed on, and many others throughout the years. At 19, I left the sport to embark on my career journey. However, in my early 30s, a renewed passion drew me back to racing pigeons with the Wichita Homing Pigeon Club.

A Visionary Race

It’s always been my dream to offer the racing pigeon world a unique race. With my wife’s blessing, we have invested our heart and soul into this professional race series. Our pigeons are housed in a loft, situated 8 feet off the ground, complete with a walk-through aviary and viewing tower. This is the first of five planned expansions as the race series grows. The birds enjoy an impressive view, a sanitary environment, and ample space, creating a true bird’s paradise. We provide fresh, clean whole grains and well water every day. Caring for your pigeons is my top priority!

Furthermore, I plan to expand the sport of pigeon racing to make it more accessible to young people and communities worldwide. By supporting our race, you’re also supporting the growth and future of our sport. In the spirit of transparency and the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the Flint Hills of Kansas, all are invited to attend our races.