Race Entry Fees

  • Perch Fee = $145/bird or $750/6 birds
  • 4-Race Series Activation fee = $345/bird
  • Optional Prestigious 450-Mile Activation fee = $100/bird

Young Bird Schedule

Event Date
Accepting birds at MBM loft February 15, 2024
Cut-off for receiving birds, including replacements June 1, 2024
Race Course Training Begins August 1, 2024
135-Mile Activation Race September 21, 2024
4-Race Series Activation Fees Due** September 21, 2024
175-Mile Race September 28, 2024
250-Mile Race October 5, 2024
325-Mile Race October 12, 2024
375-Mile Race October 19, 2024
Prestigious Race Activation Fee Due October 26, 2024
Optional Prestigious 450-mile race November 2, 2024
Deadline for bird’s future race intentions November 9, 2024
Return Shipping Fees Due November 12, 2024
Yearling Old Bird Perch Fee Due November 15, 2024

**Race schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions.
**Activation fees will be refunded promptly, for any birds not returning from the Activation Race.

Race Rules

  • The Perch Fee must be paid for with or before arrival of birds. Any bird that arrives without paid perch fee, can be sold and Breeder gives up all rights of bird. Perch fee is nonrefundable. If your bird is lost before the first race and breeder is not able to ship replacement before June 1st, the owner who paid for perch fee, will receive 1 free credit for perch fee in next year’s race. If not used in next year’s race, the owner forfeits the free credit.
  • The $345 per bird 4-Race Series Activation Fee is due 1 WEEK BEFORE the first race. Activation fees are refundable for any bird that does not make it to the first race.
  • Options for any bird whose owner has not paid the Activation fee for the 4-Race Series by due-date include:
    • Submit Yearling Old bird perch fee within 24 hours of missed deadline, for following Yearling Old Bird race series.
    • At owner’s expense, bird may be returned to owner. This decision must be communicated and paid for within 24 hours of missed deadline.
    • If neither of the first 2 options are exercised, the original owner forfeits all rights, prizes and ownership of the bird. It becomes property of Master Breeders Marathon LLC and eligible to be purchased and activated by a 3rd party.
  • The $100 per bird Prestigious 450-mile Activation Fee is due 1 WEEK BEFORE the Prestigious 450-Mile race.
  • Race distances will be 175-miles, 250-miles, 325-miles, 375-miles and the optional Prestigious 450-miles.
  • Master Breeders Marathon is not responsible for delayed or lost birds from shipping.
  • For any non-sufficient fees (NSF) incurred from applicants returned checks, a $35 fee will be assessed to bird owner for immediate remediation. If timely resolution is not met, the bird becomes the property of Master Breeders Marathon LLC.
  • Master Breeders Marathon LLC is not responsible for processing fees for Credit Cards, or any other convenience fees. The use of Credit Cards or other payment methods is a convenience set up by Master Breeders Marathon LLC for those who choose to use it. Processing fees are nonrefundable.

Course Maps

Prestigious 450-Mile Race

Prestigious 450-mile race

4-Race Series

4-Race Series

Results Determination

  • Champion Bird points will be accumulated over the 4-Race Series.
  • The number of points accrued will be based on the number of entrants in the first race of the series. The total number of birds entered will be the amount 1st place receives on each race. For example, if 1500 birds enter a race, the first place will receive 1500 points and 2nd will receive 1499 and so on.
  • Birds must cross the finish line antenna pad within 24hrs of the first bird clocked to receive points.
  • Results are determined by clocking positions only. Pigeons must cross the scanner for placement.
  • In the event of a tough race, the clock will stop at sunset of the 3rd day. Any unfilled prizes will be divided amongst all the clocked birds.
  • The Prestigious 450-mile race will not be included in the champion bird points or average speed. The top 5 positions will receive prizes for this race.


Payouts greater than $600 will be issued to winners after a completed W-9 form is submitted to Master Breeders Marathon. The owner has the option to continue racing by enrolling in the Yearling Old Bird Series or have their bird(s) returned.

Enroll for Old Bird Series

  • Confirm enrollment to Master Breeders Marathon through Info@MBMRaces.com or call at (316) 640-4887 no-later-than 1 week after the final Prestigious race.
  • Submit Yearling Old Bird perch fee no-later-than November 15.

Return to Owners

  • All birds returning to owner, must be claimed and paid for within 10 days of conclusion of final race. After 10 days, the bird becomes property of Master Breeders Marathon LLC.
  • All birds being returned, will be required to have shipping expenses paid for, by the owner. Insurance is at the discretion and expense of owner. Paid-in-full shipping labels may be sent to Info@MBMRaces.com.
  • Birds will be shipped to designated team manager. Birds will not be shipped to multiple locations per team.
  • Master Breeders Marathon LLC is not responsible for delayed or lost birds from shipping. Any filing for refunds of shipping will be the owner’s responsibility.

Birds may be entered into next year’s Yearling Old Bird series. Birds may be retired at any time.

Master Breeders Marathon LLC reserves the right to refuse entries and make all decisions.